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Since 2015 the Global Youth Network have been gathering young ambassadors from around the world to share their experiences and knowledge with each other. The ambassadors own experiences and knowledge lay as an important ground for the program and be the source off discussion.


The network is building on long-term engagement and the ambassadors of 2016 started off with a first network meeting for 6 days in Turkey between the 6th and 13th of March 2016, and is finishing with a second network meeting in Sweden, in September 2016. Between these two network meetings the ambassadors have been implementing different activities in their home countries in order to spread their new knowledge and perspectives, and also sharing their experiences with the rest of the network on an online platform.


During 2016 the ambassadors come from Kenya, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Burma, Sweden, Lebanon and Turkey. 2016 is the last year for LSU:s Global Youth Network.


Overall themes: Advocacy and leadership


Both advocacy and leadership are words with several different definitions and can have different meanings in different contexts. During the first network meeting we looked deeper into the meanings of advocacy and shared perspectives and experiences. ”What does it mean to be a young leader and try to create change through advocacy work? What different tools and methods are there to do efficient and responsible advocacy?” We have also been looking at the new universal Sustainable Development Goals, decided upon in the United Nations; how can turn them into tools for advocacy?


During the time between the two meetings the ambassadors have been supporting each other, been supported by the facilitators and also their local project leaders in order to also reflect upon them selves as leaders of change while they are implementing activities for other youths in their contexts. At the second network meeting the development of the ambassadors own skills as leaders and trainers is at focus. ”What are the ambassador’s own strengths and weaknesses? What do the ambassadors as individuals need to work on to become the leaders they want to be to inspire others?”


Purpose and goals with the Global Youth Network:


  • The ambassadors will get new knowledge, perspectives and methods within the chosen topics.
  • They will have an international network and a platform to discuss different issues with.
  • They will share their different skills and perspectives, both during and between the network meetings, which is valuable in it self and also gives practice in presentation and holding workshops.
  • The knowledge and methods shared in the network will also, through the  ambassadors working plans, get a wider spread and reach more youths.
  • The ambassadors will also get an opportunity to reflect upon their own individual leadership skills and experiences to get a better understanding of them selves as leaders and their own development.


What does it mean to be an ambassador in the Global Youth Network?


  • To participate during the first network meeting in Turkey, between the 6th and 13th of March 2016.
  • To develop an individual work plan for how the follow-up and information activities will be managed during the time between the meetings, in your home country. The working plan will be developed during the first network meeting with support from the facilitators at the meeting.
  • The ambassador will have at least two follow-up meetings with the project leader in their country in-between the meetings.
  • To engage and take part in the discussions and sharing on the online platform that will be the meeting point for the network between the two physical meetings, between March and September.
  • The work of the ambassador will end during the second network meeting in September 2016, the location is not decided on yet. All ambassadors that can show that they have implemented their working plan will be offered to take part in the second meeting.


Participants and costs

The Global Youth Network will consist out of 16 ambassadors, two ambassadors from each country within the program GALE. GALE is a global partners program hosted by LSU. There will be ambassadors from Kenya, Lebanon, Burma, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Egypt and Sweden. All costs for participation will be covered by the GALE program.


To be able to participate as an ambassador:

  • You need to have an active engagement in a youth organization in your country. Applicants from Sweden need to be engaged in a member organization to LSU.
  • You need the ability to understand and make your self understood in both spoken and written english.
  • You will need to have access to internet at least once a week, to be able to communicate with the other ambassadors between the two network meetings.


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