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Theme: Sustainable Leadership


The Leadership Academy is an online training. Young leaders from all around the world will have the opportunity to learn new tools in order to make their own and their organisations leadership more sustainable. This will be realized through personal feedback, practical assignments and a theoretical framework.


“I love this course, I am so grateful for the opportunity to examine my and other societies closely without just brushing aside issues outside my sphere of influence. Totally bringing a shift in mindset, love it. ”

                                                  (Participant in Leadership Academy 2013)

The Leadership Academy was initiated by LSU in 2011. The idea sprang from the identified need to create a wider platform for young leaders across the globe to be able to meet and exchange experiences in a sustainable and cost effective manner. This year the academy will be arranged with facilitators from Tamkin.


Overall course structure

Many of the challenges faced by youth organizations require cooperation and understanding that cross national and cultural borders. The exchange of ideas and experiences between the course participants is therefore important. The theme of the course is sustainable leadership and the course aims to give enhanced knowledge about leadership, internal democracy/non-discrimination and management. In order to make sure that youth organizations stay strong, safe and efficient over time, it is important that leaders within the organizations know how to create sustainable structures to ensure future survival.


The Leadership Academy 2014 will consist of six modules with assignments spread over eight weeks. We will explore the concept of sustainable leadership by focusing on:

–       Individual development

–       Structures enabling leadership

–       Responsible leadership


Throughout the course the focus will be on the participants own needs within their organizations and themselves.


Personal feedback and practical assignments have been two of the most appreciated methods for both participants and facilitators in earlier courses. Therefore we will put emphasis on these methods for this years Academy. Every participant will get personal feedback from the facilitators. The participants will also have the possibility to exchange experiences and give each other feedback as well as part of the learning and sharing process.


You will be able to use methods taught and theories presented in the course in your own work and personal development. Together with the feedback this is an opportunity to develop yourself and your organization at the same time. The facilitators have themselves been in leading positions and worked with feedback before and can guide the participants through the learning process. The facilitators will help you to identify needs in your organization as well as develop your leadership skills.


All participants own their own learning process and will take own responsibility for the knowledge gained. Discussion on the platform will also lead to an exchange between the participants. It will give you an opportunity to learn from youth all around the world.


Course modules and facilitators – Read more about the 6 different course modules and the facilitators here




To be able to participate in the e-course you need to have:

  • Access to internet at least two times a week
  • A mobile phone with an active phone number
  • Access to Open Office/MS Office or similar
  • The ability of understand and write in English
  • An active leadership role in a youth organization


The Leadership Academy will begin on the 6th of October 2014 and last eight weeks (including one week of introduction and on week for evaluation). The course will require maximum 10h per week from the participants and a minimum of two Internet accesses a week at times convenient for the participants. The course is online based, through a learning platform, with no physical meetings.


Each participant will receive personal feedback from the facilitators on each assignment. Communication between participants and facilitators will be done through the online learning platform, mobile phone, e-mails and/or on Skype, depending on what will be most efficient for the individual participant.



Participants and cost

Who should go through this course? The core of the Leadership Academy is focused on developing the skills of young leaders across the globe. That is why it is a necessity that all participants, to get as much out of the course as possible, have a position in their youth organizations that require leadership. Perhaps you are a board member or you’re leading a working group or team in your organsiation.


Some of the participants will come from LSU’s Swedish member organisations and from LSU’s global partners, in Lebanon, Kenya, Cambodia, Egypt, Belarus, Zimbabwe and Turkey.


The price to participate is 500 Swedish crones per participant for LSU´s member organisations and LSU´s international partners, and 1 000 Swedish crones for other participants. If you have any questions contact Karin Caspani at karin.caspani@lsu.se or at +46734 60 56 71.


There is limited room for participants, so apply today!




The application should consist of the following information, absolute requirements:


  • Personal contact information: full name, date of birth, name of organization, country, email-address, mobile phone no, Skype name (if you have one.)
  • Name of the organization you are applying through. For example if it is a partner organization to LSU or an external such as Forum Syd, DUF, LNU, Alliansi or other.
  • Brief summary of organizational background and current role. Also state if you will have a board, team or working-group that could take part in some of the practical assignments. If not, it is important for the facilitators to no in advance. Not more than half a page (250 words).
  • Letter of intent. Explain to us why you want to go through this training and what you expect to do with the knowledge and platform you gain from it. Not more than one page (650 words).
  • Billing address. Please write if you are privately paying or if your organization pays.


Put the required information in a document and send your application to Karin Caspani – karin.caspani@lsu.se, at the latest on the 7th of September. For further information or questions contact Karin Caspani.



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Karin Caspani
+46734 60 56 71



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