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The project ”Platform for citizen voices” is a joint YCI project between Creative artists for change in Kenya and Victory Siyanqoba Trust in Zimbabwe. As a part of the project, the youth groups in Kenya and Zimbabwe organize parallel youth forums in order to organize young people locally and create a dialogue with local politicians. Results of the project are spread through social media and documentaries.

Bild på Creative Artists for Change som fått YCI-projekt 2015.

At the picture: Sam Ukhebi, Pamela Achieng, Emmanuel Masinde, Tom Juma and Emanuel Sabuni from Creative Artists for Change in Kenya.

Hello there, Creative artist for change! In 2015 you were granted with the YCI grant to do a joint project with Victory Siyanqoba Trust. What have you gotten out from the project?


  • Besides gaining a partner organization, we have broadened our network and created a bigger platform, which enable us to reach out to more youth. We are really happy that we could partner with the organization from Zimbabwe. It is the first time we partner with someone from outside. We think that we can get a lot out of the partnership since we share many similar challenges when it comes to leadership. The project will give us a good platform for communication and networking.




What does Creative artist for change do as an organization?


  • Our aim as an organization is to involve youth through art and teaching programs like civil education. We want to create a meaningful discussion between youth and experts. Many youth don’t understand their rights. They don’t know where to go or who to talk to.


  • We organize community forums for youth where we talk about a number of different issues such as gender-based violence, abuse, stigma and HIV/AIDS. We invite youth to attend the forums and help them with information about where they can go. Both young men and women attend our forums. We always get new participants. We dont depend on donors – our own members contribute with money from their own pockets.


  • We also offer trainings in how to apply for tenders. Many youth think that they are unable to apply for tenders but we tell them that they are able to apply for the tenders.




Why are you engaged in youth rights?


  • Well, because we need youth to be leaders to represent other youth. Youth usually don’t have access to the same resources as adults. Many youth are unemployed. If there is a meeting youth should be able to participate. If it is a meeting at county level about budget making youth should be represented to bring in the youth perspective. Youth need to have a voice.



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