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Youth Social Democrats “Maladaja Hramada”

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Objectives of the organization:

  1. Promote education of the youngergeneration, whichis guided by thevalues of social democracy.
  2. Promote the development of the civil society in Belarus.
  3. Facilitate the implementation ofthe principles of democraticsocialismin society.
  4. Contribute to the realization of civil, social, economic and cultural rights of any citizen of the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizen or stateless persons permanently residing in the territory of the Republic of Belarus on the basis of the social-democratic principles.


Youth Trade Union Group “Student’s Council”

Ales Krot

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mission of the Youth trade union group ”Students’ Council”: contribution to the formation of new generations of students, full participants in the educational process who have an active social position and critical thinking; students who have a sense of solidarity and the pursuit of freedom and happiness, who identify themselves as students of fraternal community, and for which obtaining of knowledge is a priority value.

The organization’s purpose, aim – the protection of students’ rights.

Objectives: creation of mechanisms to protect the rights of students; representing the interests of students in front of the administrations of universities, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.

Youth trade union group “Students’ Council” has 5 aims of action:


  • Educational direction
  • Informative direction
  • Research direction
  • Public campaigns
  • Legal advice.


Youth trade union group “Students’ Council” was founded in March 10, 2008 as an initiative of a group of students from different educational institutions of Minsk city, in fact, as the answer to the constant violations of the rights and freedoms of Belarusian students. In August 21, 2008 at an organizational meeting of the members of the Belarusian trade union of radio industry declared the foundation of Youth trade union group “Students’ Council”. August 28, 2008 the creation of Youth trade union group “Students’ Council” was approved by the trade union committee of primary trade union organization of the Minsk city and was admitted to the union service.


Belarusian Students Association

Nastassia Dol

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The main lines of activity of the BSA have been cultural and education directions. It has organized concerts, meeting with writers, literary evening. The BSA also has paid great attention to non-formal education. It has realized trainings in various fields: from singing courses to international seminars on the Bologna process. The good tradition is organizing of camps and local history trips.


New Group

Nikolai Kvantaliani

Website or social network:

Exchanges, New Media, Volunteering. Ecology, Human Rights, Youth Work.

Presentation of the organization:


NGO «Youth Initiative»

Yury Yurchanka

Organization of meetingswith European youth; Electronic servicesfor youth developmentin the regions; Youth study visits


Youth Christian Democrats

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Youth political wing of the Belarusian Christian Democrats party

Objectives and principles:

  1. Development of the independent, democratic and constitutional state – Belarus;
  2. Development of a tolerant and free society based on Christian values and democracy.

The state where the power belongs to people. The only one source of power is people, who implement their power through open elections.


NGO “Ecohome”

Maria Gulina

Website or social network:

NGO ”Ecohome” is based on the principles of democracy and sustainable development. Together with the supporters ”Ecohome” is trying to create harmonious relationship among and around us, in a house, in the country, in the world, in the universe. The main objective of NGO ”Ecohome” is to promote ecological way of life and ideas of sustainable development.


Next Stop – New Life

Website or social network:

“Next Stop – New Life” supports the youth initiatives in a wide range of fields; works for the enhancement of peace and friendship among the nations.

Next Stop – New Life is open for young people, who want to promote the ideas of youth activism, creative thinking and who know what they want to achieve in life.




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