LSU:s whistle blower system

Here you can find information on how you can report incidents and submit complaints to LSU

Filing a complaint

It is a requirment that it is accessible and easy to submit complaints/reports of suspected violations of laws and regulations within LSU. We handle every complaint in a serious manner. 

If you see something that is, or that you suspect to be illegal and/or in violation of LSU’s internal rules, you must report this. If you have been exposed to, witnessed or suspect a crime, it must also be reported to the police. 

We have three steps in our handling of complaints:

      1. Direct dialogue with the chairman or responsible manager 

      If you participate in one of LSU’s activities and wish to file a complaint, you must first contact the person responsible for the activity where the incident took place. The person you report the matter to has an obligation to address the issue in a serious manner and work towards a solution. 

      Employees or representatives who wish to submit complaints about LSU’s operations or employees must first contact their manager, or their manager. 

      For our international partner organizations:

      Here you can report suspected violations either at LSU and/or within the international partnership and collaboration. 


      1. Submit your complaint to

      If you cannot, or do not want to contact your contact person in the partnership to file a complaint, you should contact our email address You can also do this if you do not know who is responsible for the activity. This email address is staffed year-round by LSU office manager and chairman. 


        1. Submit your complaint through a form

        You can also use the form below to submit a complaint. Then you do not need to enter your own e-mail address. If you do not enter your e-mail address, you will not be able to receive any feedback on your case. Please note that this form is not encrypted and cannot guarantee total anonymity as our website collects data through IP addresses.