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Expanding Space: Challenges and lessons from the global youth movement


The democratic space and freedom of the civil society is being challenged all over the world. In Kenya for example, the young civil society is often targeted and painted as trouble-makers. They face many obstacles in their mission of engaging youth and organizing around different topics. However, there exists tools that can be used to strengthen and expand the space. We want to explore how information and communication technologies can be used as tools for increasing government transparancy and for demanding accountability.

How is the the youth movement i Kenya working to expand the democratic space? And what role does open data play in creating a strong and resilient civil society in Kenya?

Join us in this webinar to explore how ICT platforms (Social Media, telephone and TVs) can be used to expand the democratic space of the civil society.



Purity Jebor, Youth Alive Kenya

Dennis Mungo, Youth Alive Kenya

Levi Juma, Youth Alive Kenya

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Feben Hadgu

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